Route55 Instructor

  • Tommy

    Tommy Lee B.J

    It was a case of 'running before learning to walk'!!! Started driving at the age of 10 and by 12 was doing driving errands. Drove himself to the driving center, entered a talent race competition, won it, got sponsored, graduated from the famous Jim Russel racing school academy in U.K. all before his 18th birthday.

    This launched 4 decades of successful semi professional motorsport career that included cars, rally, jetski, 4X4 racing, circuit racing, enduro, and motorbikes competition on and off road.

    You can never suppress the true passion, and at age of 42 he bought a BMW Adventure bike, signed up for some professional lessons, got selected for the GS Trophy, got certified as a BMW instructor and here we are today.

    Helping people unleash their passion and realising their full potential, the world of adventure biking is only a lesson away.